Podcast Episode #20: Exploring Social and Sustainable Change with Luke Willms

This week on Hunter & Craft Radio, Chad McCaffrey & Matthew Castel chat with Luke Willms, Co-Founder of Mbuntu Lifestyle and Assistant Director of the Salama Shield Foundation. 


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 Luke’s Background

  • Growing up, his family spent many years visiting Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya while his father, one of the first clinical researchers to identify HIV/AIDS in those regions, studied the virus. 
  • Father founded Salama SHIELD Foundation in 1992 in an attempt to advance preventative methods for HIV/AIDS.
  • After spending five years in Vancouver, he returned to Toronto to broaden the scope of the foundation and tell the story to a wider audience, and begin a number of new business ventures.

 Current Projects

  • Co-Founder of Mbuntu Lifestyle. Multi venture company focused on:
    • Global Travel & Tourism
    • African Coffee (Naturally processed Ugandan Arabica)
    • Art Importing
  • Advisor to Bounde & Bounde Foundation
  • Assistant Director of the Salama Shield Foundation 

Mbuntu Lifestyle

  • Mbuntu Lifestyle is a brand built on the East African philosophy, Mbuntu – meaning “I am a product of the people who surround me” or, “I am because we are.” 
  • Aftermath of a couple failed ideas. Importance of Perseverance and the burning desire to achieve a definite goal.
  • Exposing Artists from Africa. Mainly Uganda. Helping them sell their work in North America.
  • Spun out of The Salama Shield Foundation and their roots in African culture.
  • Core of the business is supporting the African continent and awareness around sustainable change.
  • Telling the stories of the African cultures and the future growth of the continent’s peoples.

Entrepreneurs are the New Artists

  • Think about Entrepreneurship as creating new thoughts and new ways of being. Not being an ‘Entrepreneur’.
  • Creativity comes from growing up with the arts.
  • Entrepreneurship is a Collective.
  • Great Entrepreneurs ensure they have the best people around them to allow them to do what they do.
  • Be a Movement Maker.


  • Celebrate the small wins. Build a collection of them.
  • Keep a clean workspace. Cultivate a place to think. Form a habit.
  • Get away from the crowd. In Luke’s case his sailboat serves as a perfect venue for reflection.
  • Meditation can offer many benefits including de-cluttering the mind and improving focus.
  • Get to the GYM consistently!
  • Visit your parents more and cherish your loved ones.
  • Find your Reset Button in order to keep moving forward.
  • Think about your day. Daily reflection matters. Try keeping a journal.

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