What is Hunter & Craft?

There is a fundamental shift happening in our society. More than ever before, we are striving for lifelong learning and personal growth. We are hyper-aware, fundamentally social and constantly connected. We pay close attention to health and wellness. We seek practical and interactive education rather than stale textbooks and one-sided lectures and as professionals, we want to make an impact that improves society, not just ourselves.

The three of us have been involved in a number of interesting startup ventures in short periods of time, and we’ve been fortunate enough to learn a tremendous amount about business. You sometimes hear that startups are practical MBAs, and we’d tend to agree. Building any kind of business is an incredibly difficult challenge – the ups and downs and constant stress can be overwhelming. However, the beauty of startup business is that every up and every down provides a lesson, a career building block that can be reflected upon. Startups make you confident and self-aware; after you’ve gone through the trenches and have been forced to execute and make difficult decisions, win or lose, you come out with a myriad of lessons learned. For us, this process was the inspiration behind Hunter & Craft. We wanted to create a venue to document our learning in a systematic and creative way.

This is a place to share knowledge and experiences, so we can all improve and be inspired. That’s why the key focus of Hunter & Craft will be our Podcast. Its main goal will be to showcase the stories and learning of today’s innovators, entrepreneurs and creative minds. We’ll be talking real with people who have been making shit happen. Software, hardware, eCommerce, fashion, food, fitness, music… we don’t discriminate on discipline, we just want to share the stories of ambitious and interesting people building their dreams.

Mixed in to Hunter & Craft will be articles and videos related to startup fundamentals, growth tactics, productivity tips, and features on music, travel and fashion. These are the key categories that we are passionate about, and we hope you are too. If you would like to discuss contributing to any of these areas, don’t hesitate to send us a note here.

To be clear, we aren’t gurus, preachers or know-it-alls. There is a lot we don’t know, so we want Hunter & Craft to be a destination where experiences are turned into actionable learning.

Hunt for truth. Craft the future.


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