Podcast Episode #24: Amrita Chandra on the Qualitative Side of Marketing

On this episode of  Hunter & Craft Radio, Chad McCaffrey chats with Amrita Chandra about the Qualitative side of Marketing.

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Amrita’s Bio

Amrita is based in the great city of Toronto, Canada after many years working around the world. Since 2000 she has run marketing at a number of great startups in Boston and Toronto, and is currently the Head of Marketing at CrowdRiff.

Other Companies she has worked with in the past include: Asigra, Pressly, Preserve, Audiobooks.com, Microsoft, Bell Canada, Mercedes-Benz, Pulsate, and Normative.

Outside of her deep expertise in Marketing she has a deep love of contemporary art and design, and recently served as the Board Chair of Open Studio, Canada’s leading printmaking centre. Once upon a time she realized a dream to open her own contemporary art gallery, and continue to collect and appreciate fine art. 



What You Will Learn in this Episode

  • Why Qualitative Marketing is as important as ever
  • Why Marketing is not the job of just the Marketing department
  • Why strong Design Thinking is driving Modern Marketing
  • Trends shaping the Future of Marketing
  • Why Interview skills are so powerful in Marketing
  • Why Acquisition can’t be the only focus in B2B Marketing
  • Why Big Data, Analytics and Measurement aren’t everything
  • Productivity tips from a B2B Marketing Leader

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Intro Song: “Cheap Thrills” by Sia feat Sean Paul

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