Podcast Episode #23: Aaron Hitchins of Rockhouse Motion

In this episode of Hunter & Craft Radio, Evan Lewis chats with Aaron Hitchins, Partner and Head of Business Development at Rockhouse Motion, a boutique content creation firm and consultancy focused on the outdoor lifestyle space. Evan and Aaron dig into the history of Rockhouse, Aaron’s best lessons on building the company from the ground up, his experiences with adventure travel, and his thoughtful insights on hunting.





Aaron’s Background

  • Grew up in Northern Ontario, attended Western University. Moved to Kansas after University to work at a waterfowl hunting company
  • Met Matt and Dustin in Kansas, eventually became their business partner at Rockhouse Motion
  • Recently moved to Canmore, BC but spends half of his time on the road

Working at Rockhouse

  • Aaron runs business development and is very involved with the creative – spends a lot of time on directing and writing.
  • Rockhouse has been strategic about who they’ve partnered with – interesting that companies who have paid them the highest dollar figures have not provided the most value for the company.
  • Rockhouse’s sweet spot is 2.5 minute branded videos – format gives brands an opportunity to strengthen their identity and create a feeling that consumers are able to attach themselves to. Also do a lot of photography work, copywriting, short videos for Instagram, etc.


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Core Lessons on Business Development

  • Develop repeatable values that you use in your process:
    • Rockhouse makes it known that they want their clients to win
    • Integrity is always at the core of their business
    • Rockhouse develops meaningful relationships with their clients
    • Pride themselves on doing the best work possible – create ultra-premium content
  • Core Lesson: Understand value when you are putting together contracts. Don’t just try to extract money from your clients, focus your sales on conveying the value you can provide. If you strongly believe in the value you bring to the table, sales becomes much easier.

Travels Stories Highlighted in This Episode

  • Moose hunting in the Yukon wilderness – amazing for the absolute absence of humanity
  • Learning to surf in New Zealand alongside sea lions, penguins and an albatross
  • Aaron’s mother-son trip to Patagonia
  • Visiting the volcanic Pribilof Islands in Alaska


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Thoughts on Hunting

  • If you’ve ever wondered why people hunt, make sure to listen to Aaron’s description of the experience and why it’s such a core part of his life. Fast forward to 38 minute mark.


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