50 Sales Lessons From 3 Years in B2B SaaS

Sometimes, you need a change of scenery to regain inspiration and kickstart your creativity.

That has been the case for me recently. After 3+ years of selling at PostBeyond, I am transitioning into a new role leading partnerships and product marketing. 

Why the role change? I’ll save the full story for another time, but the main reason is learning. My pace of learning had decelerated in sales and as a result, I had lost inspiration. Case in point, I haven’t created any new original content in about 18 months!

This is where I put a stop to that cold streak. Before I announced my transition, I wanted to make sure I put a solid bookend on what has been an incredible, transformative sales journey. The deck below is my attempt to summarize 3 years, thousands of calls, and around $1M in deals into 50 key lessons. I hope you enjoy the read:



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